Producing more food with fewer resources is one of the more pressing challenges we face today. From automated farming to indoor growing systems, at Blu Division we harness the power of technology to drive the transformation of agriculture.

Conventional farming is resource-intensive and maintained by agricultural chemicals. This model puts an unsustainable strain on natural resources and is potentially harmful to the health of consumers and farmworkers.

By contrast, alternative agriculture offers a series of organic, low input, and bio-diverse systems that cut costs and increase profits while improving production and reducing waste.

Automated growing machines and indoor agriculture are two good examples of this agricultural revolution. These systems minimize environmental impact by reducing the amount of resources needed to grow crops and by giving growers almost total control over critical factors such as water and light.

Furthermore, these solutions eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides, substances that impose a negative impact on the environment in a variety of ways, from water contamination to the lethal effects they inflict upon non-target plants and animals.

Are you ready to join this revolution? Reach out to learn more about our solutions in alternative agriculture or to discuss how we can help ensure that your ideas yield results beyond your expectations.

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