The acronym that gives this initiative its name stands for “Helping Employ Military Personnel,” but it’s also a nod to the importance of hemp-based products as part of our vision for a fairer and more sustainable world.

The main goal of the HEMP initiative is to create economic opportunities for soldiers and veterans, and our strategy is twofold. On the one hand, participating companies will make a commitment to transition their hiring and training to Help Employ Military Personnel. They will also commit to looking to transition their running and manufacturing expenses to hemp-based products made by companies that are also part of the HEMP initiative. On the other hand, we have also negotiated contracts with Viral Suppression Systems (VSS) for reduced licensing fees for any veteran-owned operation to become a licensee.

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Hemp Products and Services

  1. Comprehensive hemp grow operations producing hemp for fiber, food, and CBD.
  2. Full training in many disciplines in the hemp Industry including growing, harvesting, processing, and formulation.
  3. Development of specialized hemp products to meet the current needs of the veteran community including special products to help with PTSD and other medical issues.
  4. Developing a Veterans Village, which will support hemp grow operations and processing of the different types of hemp.
  5. Creation of a hemp drying system that will save thousands of acres of hemp from Botrytis “Budrot” during wet growing seasons.
  6. Complete training in Hemp/THC remediation processes and protocols.
  7. Development of standardized procedures in support of Hemp Initiative operations and a host of partners.

Tools | Services | Programs

  1. Bio-Blasting certified organic HD Cleaner with 20 USG registered kill claims including COVID.
  2. Paerosol Fogging/Misting System – DOEPatented – Hypochlorous based – 100% Safe.
  3. Proguardeum Hypochlorous Acid liquid spray disinfectant.
  4. The Shield Disinfectant and Protectant (Up to 8 Hours).
  5. Pro-Guard Air Ionization System (part of a 24/7 solution for disinfection).
  6. ULV Sprayer/Foggers for the best coverage and efficient usage.
  7. Security operations consultants, and system designers with over 75 years of experience.
  8. Customized safe-operating plans based on business type.
  9. Mobile operations and service capabilities.
  10. Qualified and trained spray and service technicians.
  11. Providing PPE packs, sanitizer stations, and individual products for sale and distribution.
  12. Can design and implement multi-facility integrated operations plans with central security and monitoring for any size operation.

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